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Our History

Tillotson is the oldest diaphragm carburetor manufacturer in the world. Founded as Tillotson Manufacturing in 1914 in Toledo, Ohio, Tillotson first manufactured float carburetors for the burgeoning automotive industry. Tillotson grew along with the automotive industry, becoming one of the best-known carburetor manufacturers.

In the late 1940’s, Tillotson revolutionized the handheld engine industry by designing the first diaphragm carburetor, which enabled small engines to operate in any position. This invention led to the creation of an entirely new market segment in the lawn and garden industry, which includes chainsaws, brush cutters, trimmers and blowers.

Beginning in the mid-1990’s, Tillotson focused its innovations on professional and specialty diaphragm carburetors. Tillotson created the first double barrel carburetor for the stratified charge (airhead) engine, which enables engine manufacturers to meet the stringent EPA standards in the US and Europe. Tillotson also developed and licensed the high-performance split carburetor for those stratified charge engines which are currently used by engine manufacturers such as Stihl and Husqvarna. Tillotson introduced its new HW series carburetors, for use in high performance racing and military applications. These carburetors are among the most expensive, highly engineered carburetors in the world.

Most recently, Tillotson has brought its brand of high quality carburetors and components back to the consumer market. Tillotson has established manufacturing facilities around the world, including Ireland, US, China and Brazil, which offer its OE customers the traditional Tillotson quality at every-day consumer prices. Through its Tillotson Xchange catalog, Tillotson also offers consumers the ability to buy Tillotson brand replacement parts for their non-Tillotson carburetors, all at an affordable price.

Tillotson’s innovative technologies and OE quality make Tillotson the carburetor of choice for long life, reliability and performance.
Tillotson Toledo

Tillotson Toledo

Tillotson Toledo