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Filter Tillotson offers our own line of replacement filters for some of the most popular applications that use our carburetors, including the Stihl TS400 and the Partner K700 concrete saws.

Regular replacement of your filters and maintenance of your carburetors can improve performance and prolong the life of your engine. Our filters are sold individually or in sets with carburetors and carburetor repair kits. Contact us for availability.

In-Line Filters

FS-1: Extra fine filtering element traps dirt particles as small as .002 inch in size.
FS-2: A larger weave design for maximum fuel flow and cold climate operation.
FS-3: A check valve has been added to retain fuel in the fuel line for instant starts.

Tillotson’s in-line fuel filter helps keep carburetors running clean without reducing fuel flow. Our filters trap dirt particles, preventing them from entering the carburetor.

Tillotson’s fuel filters are designed to fit any fuel line. Our filters are easy adjustable, durable, corrosion resistant, easy to clean and to install. To adjust simply loosen screw and turn nipple to any position and tighten screw.

Keep your carburetor running clean with a Tillotson In-Line Fuel Filter.
Available at your authorized Tillotson dealer.

Fuel Tank Pick-Up Filters

Dependable Long Life | Free Flowing | Easily Installed | Fits Most Applications

OW-802: Small size | Multi-Purpose | For 3/16” ID Tubing
OW-808: Extra larger for Heavy Duty Applications | For 3/16th ID Tubing

Tillotson’s fuel filter product line delivers dependable, trouble free performance.

Our filters are uniquely designed to provide full, free flow anytime, anywhere - regardless of position in tank so it doesn’t have to be fully submerged to deliver.

Extends the life of your tools by removing sawdust, dirt and other foreign matter from the fuel before it reaches the carburetor.

Felt cylinder is replaceable.
Easy to install on most gas-driven power tools.

Air Filters

Tillotson offers a line of replacement air filters for most chainsaws and concrete cutters.
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